Cenzy Project



There is a family in our community who could use some love and we are gonna help them out. Little Cenzy (currently in ICU at AI Dupont) is 2 years old and is fighting the fight of her life. She has a condition called Tay-Sachs which is so rare it's believed to be the only known case ever in Delaware. Cenzy is in need of a downstairs bedroom so that her parents can sleep on the same floor as her, and not have to carry her and heavy medical equipment up and down stairs to her ...bedroom. Cenzy also has a nurse who stays with her some nights, and currently, the sleeping arrangements for her aren’t ideal. Along with the help of some very special individuals, the GOBF has decided to build Cenzy a new bedroom!

THIS IS WHERE YOU FOLKS COME IN. We have assembled a core of guys who know construction to coach us along, so experience isn’t necessary but we could really use your help. We're planning to begin driving nails this Thursday (5/24/18) at 1PM and work until dark. If and when your free come on by. BIG BUILD DAY is scheduled this coming Saturday (5/26/18) starting at 8am. You guys with experience in framing and building decks we could really use your talents. Let's make this happen!

Special thanks to the following Dream Team for helping us make this happen: David Wilson, Jeremy Henry, Warren Reid, Rusty Dukes, Kolby Dukes, Phil Thompson, Joe Noble Jr., Kevin Miller, David Brown, and Tim Pulice.

Cenzy's address: 9224 Greentop Rd., Lincoln DE.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Follow Cenzy’s journey on her FB page Cenzy's Corner.



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